5 things to avoid to improve your oral health

5 things to avoid to improve your oral health

Trips to the dentist in tijuana can be time consuming. Some trips to the dentist are necessary like those affordable dental implants in mexico, while others are avoidable. The way you take care of your teeth will determine what kind of dental trips you make. Below is a list that outlines a few foods you should avoid if you want to maintain proper oral health and avoid going to the dentist too much.

Foods Rich in Sugar

Sugar and bacteria are not a good combination. Bacteria embark on a hectic feeding expedition and hence this bacteria produces acids that can be detrimental to your health.

Foods That Are Sticky

It is rather obvious that sticky foods aren’t all broken down and dissolved when you chew. Pieces stick to your teeth and can hasten the rate of decay. These particles tend to remain in your teeth even after you brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly. These foods are not limited to candies and stuff like that—dried fruit, for example, can also stick in your teeth.

Foods Rich in Acid

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, soda, fruit juice and red wines are all high in acidic content. These acids can have a negative effect on the enamel of your teeth over time. These aforementioned foods are not the only acidic foods you are likely to find out there. There are even foods such as fish and breakfast cereal that contain acids that can harm your teeth.

Low Nutrition Foods

You will definitely have poor oral health if you consume more junk food than you should. Occasionally, this type of food will do no harm to you. However, if you eat such poor nutrition foods, your teeth and immune system will suffer. Without proper nutrients, your teeth can’t fight infections and other such ailments.

Foods of Extreme Sizes

Supersized burgers and sandwiches are definitely not good for your overall health. However, this is not the extent of their potential danger. Such foods can actually cause damage to your jaw as you try to eat them.

In short, in order to ensure proper oral health and avoid numerous expensive trips to the dentist, always keep this list in

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