Enemies For Heart Attack In Women

Enemies For Heart Attack In Women

Although men have a higher risk of heart attack than women, recent studies suggest that certain risk factors have a greater impact on risk in women than in men. The ‘enemies number 1’ for women are tobacco, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The 471,998 people had no history of cardiovascular disease, age ranged between 40 and 69 years and 56% were women. For an average of seven years, 5,081 people (29% women) suffered their first heart attack, which means that the incidence of heart attack was 7.76 per 10,000 people years in women, compared to 24.35 people per 10,000. people years

Although high blood pressure, diabetes and tobacco increased the risk of heart attack in both sexes, its impact was much greater in women.

No tobacco
Thus, for example, smoking increased the risk of a heart attack in a woman by 55% more than in a man, while high blood pressure by 83%. the tobacco that is mainly found in cigarettes is not only harmful to your heart’s health, also to your teeth, beware of the things that harm you in more than one way, leave your vices and go to a dentist EG Dental Clinic.

Regarding type II diabetes, which is generally associated with poor diet and other lifestyle factors, it had a 47% greater impact on the risk of heart attack in women than in men, whereas in the case of of type I diabetes the impact was almost three times higher in women.

According to the researchers, this is the first study that analyzes the absolute and relative differences in the risk of heart attack between the sexes in a range of risk factors in a general population, but they emphasize that it is an observational study, so that you can draw firm conclusions. “Women should, at least, receive the same access to treatments based on guidelines for diabetes and hypertension, and resources to help lose weight and stop smoking, just like men.

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